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Avert Your Eyes

Welcome to the Avert Your Eyes Podcast! Consider yourself warned!

Jan 23, 2019

Episode 41 is a very special edition of the podcast! I recently attended the 2019 Best of Fests Film Festival a few weeks ago. 22 different film festivals came together to present films that either were popular with their audiences or represented their programming esthetic. I attended the red carpet and spoke with...

Jan 20, 2019

This episode's guest is Nicholas Muthersbaugh. Together we made a short film called Alora where Nick served as the co-writer, co-producer, and the director. Nick, in two years, he’s garnered over 10 top awards, including being a 3x Emmy winner for his work in local media. “Alora” is his second short film, the...

Jan 18, 2019

A still from "Alora" starring Maddy Lea, Lauren Brizendine, and Nicole Fancher which premiers at the 2019 Denton Black Film Festival.

This episode's guest is Maddy Lea. She is a 9 year old up and coming actress from Fort Worth, Texas and has been in various performing arts since the age of 5. Maddy Lea has been featured in several SAG eligible projects including one of the current nationwide Great Wolf Lodge commercials. She has also acted...

Jan 13, 2019

Lauren Brizendine stars in "Alora" which is making a world premiere at the 2019 Denton Black Film Festival on Saturday, January 26, at 6:15.p.m. Photo by Michael Gibson Jr.

Lauren Brizendine is back! She stars in a film written by Michael Gibson Jr. and Nicholas Muthersbagh called "Alora" where she plays the mother, Sarah."Alora" has been selected into the 2019 Denton Black Film Festival and is currently up for two awards: Best Short and Best Texas Short.

The story is about a single...

Jan 6, 2019

As you may know, aside from working on my day job and podcasting, I have also been working on a film. It's called "Alora" and it has been selected into the 2019 Denton Black Film Festival. It was written by myself and my friend, the very talented Nicholas Muthersbaugh, who also directed it.

The story is about a single...