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Jan 23, 2019

Episode 41 is a very special edition of the podcast! I recently attended the 2019 Best of Fests Film Festival a few weeks ago. 22 different film festivals came together to present films that either were popular with their audiences or represented their programming esthetic. I attended the red carpet and spoke with several filmmakers and festival representatives including:

Harry and Linda Eaddy with the Denton Black Film Festival.

Rob Smat, Director of "The Last Whistle."

Aaron N. Martin, Becky Nitschke, Celena Rae, and Ray Hosack from the film "The Last Whistle."

Mark Birnbaum, The Director of the documentary "The Big Buy,” and Bart Weiss of Dallas VideoFest.

Lizette Barrera, Director of the film "Mosca."

David Blue Garcia, Director of "Tejano." His film represented the Dallas International Film Festival.

Thomas Shubert and David Gibson of The Asian Film Festival of Dallas.

Liz Cardenas, Director of the film "Imago." The film represented the Dallas International Film Festival.


Susan Carol Davis and with The Thin Line Film Festival.

Alexa May, Director of "Phonies" with the Pegasus Film Festival.

Alex Garcia Topete with Festival de Cine Latino Americano.


Rachelle Weiss Crane with the Dallas Jewish Film Festival.


Jeffrey Brown with Czech That Film.


Curtis Smith, President of the Board of Directors of Q Cinema.


Jitin Hingorani, Executive Director of the DFW South Asian Film Festival.


Samuel Thomas, one of the Festival Directors of the Deep in the Heart Film Festival.


To learn more about Best of Fests, visit

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