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Avert Your Eyes

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May 19, 2019

This episode's guest is Dave Lieber who is “The Watchdog” columnist at The Dallas Morning News. He is also on a mission to bring back to life a forgotten historical figure of North Texas – Amon G. Carter – who owned the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, WBAP-AM and what’s now NBC 5. Carter is credited with bringing a trillion dollars worth of businesses to North Texas. Dave’s eighth book is called "AMON! The Ultimate Texan." He’s also written a play of the same name that was performed before more than a dozen sellout audiences at Artisan Center Theater in Hurst in May 2019.

I got the chance to see the play following our sit down interview and this trip through history was amazing! Seeing actor Kelvin Dilks portray such a larger than life person in the flesh was a roller coaster of highs filled with big bravado and laughs and the touching, sad lows that made you feel his personal tragedies. If you have lived, worked, dreamed, or played in Fort Worth, I highly recommend you see the play! Catch it if you can at the Artisan Center Theater! For tickets, visit

During our conversation, I got to sit behind the desk on the set as in between performances as we discuss his new play, the death of journalism, and so much more on episode number 45, of the Avert Your Eyes Podcast! Consider yourself warned...

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