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Avert Your Eyes

Welcome to the Avert Your Eyes Podcast! Consider yourself warned!

Sep 16, 2018

This episode's guest Morgana Wilborn! She is a Dallas native. By day she is the Director of Education at Dallas Theater Center and Professor of Theater and Humanities at Eastfield and El Centro College. She is a proud graduate of the University of North Texas (go Eagles) and The University of Houston.

Morgana is excited to come back to the stage after many years of being predominately an educator, creative and admin in the arts. She has recently performed for such companies as in Soul Rep Theatre, Cara Mia, WaterTower Theater, and House Party Theatre. She is currently onstage performing as Zoe, the title character in Branden Jacob-Jenkins’ play, called 'An Octoroon,' which you can catch through the end of September 2018 at Stage West Theater in Ft. Worth.

In my conversation with Morgana, we discuss, her role as Zoe in An Octoroon, being enough, and so much more on Episode 34 of the Avert Your Eyes podcast! Consider yourself warned! 

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